What Should We Know About the Shinco 4K Smart LED TV

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If today you must go out on the street & conduct a survey about the kind of TV most people prefer, the ball is sure to be in the court of 4K LED Smart TVs.

People prefer 4K Smart TVs for a variety of reasons. Crystal clear & brilliant visual quality is just one of them. The others are amazing depth, rich colours, super smooth processing & an overall wonderful, unmatched TV watching experience.

4K LED Smart TVs have gained immense popularity in recent years, with people realizing that they no longer wanted to put up with less-than-perfect picture quality. They wanted an all-encompassing, unforgettable TV watching experience that actually transported them into the world of their favourite movies & TV shows.

There’s a good reason for the rise of 4K LED Smart TVs in India & across the world.

4K is a name in itself, a standard of picture-quality that only those who have experienced it can understand & truly appreciate.

Given their ultimate & uncontested media popularity & frequent, high-stakes endorsement by various patented TV brands, most people today want to have possession of a 4K LED Smart TV.

And while a majority of TV watching population does want to invest in a brand new 4K LED Smart TV, most are taken back by the sky-high prices they have!

Since 4K models are pretty much always a TV company’s flagship product, it’s no wonder that 4K TV prices in India are on the higher side of the cost ladder.

However, there are certain TV brands that have launched cost-effective, economical 4K LED Smart TVs to cater to the working-class population of India.

One such brand is Shinco, an indigenous, Make-In-India TV brand that specializes in HD, Full HD & 4K LED Smart TVs with Android OS.

All products in our catalogue are highly efficient, top-notch, innovative, technologically advanced, locally manufactured, & budget-friendly.

Our 4K LED Smart TVs come in 4 different screen sizes; 109cm(43 inches), 124cm(49 inches), 140cm(55 inches), & the whopping 165cm(65 inches); each with essentially similar yet somewhat specific features & specifications.

Most of these uber-innovative features are aimed at making our users’ TV watching experience unlike any other they’ve ever experienced before.

Some other features give our users the freedom & the ability to choose their own favourite streaming content, their perfect TV watching angles, & greater ecological & environmental responsibility.

Below, let’s give you an engaging & interactive walkthrough of all of the latest tech features & specifications of our 4K Smart LED TVs, one by one.

Read on to get enlightened!

4K HDR with Built-in Soundbar

Most people understand the sheer brilliance & wonders of watching TV in 4K, only once they themselves are made privy to it!

The captivating thrill & par-amazing visuals just take your entire TV watching experience to a new high!

The unmatched detailing of visuals, rich colours & supreme clarity offers users a breathtaking experience watching their favourite TV shows & movies!

Our 4K LED Smart TVs provide users with a canvas of 3840×2160 pixels, a resolution which is about 4 times that of a regular HD TV, & about twice as much as of Full HD LED TVs! And when these brilliant picture-credentials are supplemented with the powerful audio quality of the built-in speakers, your TV watching experience just takes a turn for the better, & the most unforgettable!

Quantum Luminit Technology with Wide Colour Gamut(NTSC 95%)

Our 4K LED Smart TVs come with the Quantum Luminit Technology, that accelerates the quality of colours in a picture for a breathtaking visual experience.

This premium image processing technology makes it easier for you to watch your favourite TV shows & movies in a brilliant, extremely clear pixel format, & ultra-rich, vivid colours.

While the Quantum Luminit technology makes your visual quality clearer & full of depth, the Wide Colour Gamut instils a deep sense of richness in coloured pixels on your screen.

It makes colours appear more prominent, with users experiencing redder reds, greener greens & bluer blues, to make for an ultimate, richer TV watching experience!


The gold standard of 4K picture-technology, HDR10 is what differentiates regular HD TVs from the utter brilliance of 4K LED Smart LED TV. Users get to enjoy every visual in an astonishing clarity & depth, truly unlike any they’ve ever experienced before!

Super Smooth processing & connectivity

Our 4K LED Smart TVs come with powerful Dual Core processor with 1 GB RAM & 8 GB of ROM to give users a super-smooth, seamless TV watching experience, coupled with top-notch speed & performance!

It also has 3 HDMI & 2 USB ports for better connectivity, & our latest 4K LED Smart TV, the 109cm(43) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Android 9 OS, 2GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, Quad Core Processor and comes with one-of-its-kind Bluetooth connectivity for an even better, connected experience!

Uniwall UI

The Uniwall UI is the ultimate entertainment juggernaut, an indigenous, easy-to-use UI that provides users about 15,00,000+ hours of entertainment, cloud TV certified AOSP with official apps like Zee5, ALT Balaji, Hotstar etc. The UI also offers users tons of channels to watch live news, live sports & other entertainment media they like.

The UI comes with the highly-refined & Intelligent Content Discovery Engine, which helps users find their favourite TV shows, movies & any other thing with just a word from the original title!

The UI also supports other major OTT platforms in addition to its gamut of cloud certified apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video etc.

The UI also comes with an innovative automatic OTA update feature, that regularly checks your TV firmware for updates & keeps your 4K LED Smart TV all-new & updated!


With so much to see, discover, experience & enjoy, all our 4K LED Smart TVs are highly cost-effective & pocket-friendly. The prices of our 4K UHD Smart TV range starts from just INR 20999/-! At this price, our 4K UHD Smart TVs are definitely worth a checkout! Click here to view our 4K LED Smart TV catalogue!

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