Shinco launches two affordable 4K Smart televisions in India: Price, specifications

Date : 09 May 2018 Posted By : Arjun Bajaj Source :

Shinco has launched two affordable 4KSmart TVs in India, the D55 UVC6N, and the D50 UVC6N, that start from Rs 29,999.


Shinco has launched two affordable 4KSmart TVs in India, which have the model numbers D55UVC6N and D50UVC6N. The two 4K Android smart television sets from Shinco are priced at Rs 36,999 and Rs 29,999 respectively. The company says these Smart TVs aim to provide premium technology features at an affordable price.

The Shinco TVs differ in size, though they share the same specifications. Both offer a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, along with an A+ grade panel. The design of these 4KSmart TVs offers slim bezels and a 360-degree design to blend with the home’s decor. Based on Android TV, the 55-inch D55 UVC6N and the 50-inch D50 UVC6N come with 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage, box speaker technology with Dolby support that offers upto 20W of power output. Among the display-based features, the Shinco 4KSmart TVs offer Screen Capture for screenshots, a combination filter, and a picture enhancement feature.

Shinco’s television sets also come with an Eco Vision mode, which reduces power consumption for enhanced contrast. Additionally, users can explore M.Cast, that allows users of Android and iPhone to cast the smart device’s screen onto the Shinco 4KSmart TVs via E-Share. Also, this TV’s function can be accessed through a web play remote that controls all devices through a single control unit. This remote, though, will only be available on online shopping portals. On the Shinco UVC6N, connectivity options include three HDMI ports, two USB ports as well as an ethernet port.“We are redefining the 4K TV Market in India, expect the unexpected from the house of Shinco,” says the founder of Shinco, Arjuun Bajaj.

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