Which Size Shinco 4K TV Is Best for You?

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this decade the true age of Smart TVs, with the demand for Smart LED TVs growing in popularity ever since mankind learnt about the innate entertainment value of those. Considering the fame of Smart LED TVs, it should come as no surprise that 4K Smart LED TVs, is the blued eyed boy.

with its brilliant picture technology, colour richness, pixel enhancing technologies & an unmatched visual depth and detailing.

Coupled with smooth processing & performance, increased space for storage & multi-tasking abilities, 4K Smart LED TVs give you an exhilarating, unforgettable TV watching experience.

Many people looking to buy 4K Smart LED TVs want one for their homes, so that they get to enjoy brilliant visuals with their families.

It is here that TV size constraints come into play, as most Indian households can snugly fit one size but not another, so it is the choice for the right size of TV is completely your choice.

However, the size of the 4K Smart TV that is perfect for you, also depends on the purposes for which you need it.

If it’s for regular TV watching sessions, a smaller, usual sized 4K Smart TVs like a 109 cm (43 inches) 124cm(49 inches) & 140cm(55 inches) LED TVs will be perfectly suitable for you.

However, if you have got plenty of space, & want a jumbo size screen for home-theatre purposes, then a bigger  140cm (55 inches) or a 165cm(65 inches) 4K Smart TV will serve your purposes perfectly.

As you see, there are certain factors that go into choosing the perfect 4K TV size for yourself.

They largely depend on the size of the room you’re going to place the TV in, just what purpose the TV is required to serve, & lastly, your budget constraints.

In this article, we tell you the perfect formula to figure out just what TV size will be best for you!

Read on to know more.

The Perfect TV size formula:

  • Screen size and resolution: It’s important to remember that TVs are measured diagonally, hence a 140cm(55-inches) TV measures 55 inches from one corner to another diagonally.

Secondly, consider the resolution of the TV, as the higher the resolution of the TV, the closer you can sit before noticing the pixels distort in an image.

This essentially means that you can sit closer to a 4K TV than you can sit to a regular full HD TV, and not experience any distortion of pixels, but it is always advisable to sit at a slight distance to protect your eyes.

  • Room Size & Position of the TV: Next, you must consider the room in which you’re planning to place the TV in. Its dimensions must be big enough to cozily fit in the TV as well as have enough space for each of your family members to sit at an adequate distance to enjoy watching the TV. You must also take into account the wall mount size & frame thickness of the TV before you calculate the distances, as some TVs come in slimmer frame sizes while others come in bigger. These frame sizes also indirectly impact the TV watching distance that you are relying on.

To calculate the perfect TV viewing distance for your TVs, do the following steps.

  • First take the viewing distance in feet & multiply by 7.7. So for example, if you have a 124cm(49 inches)4K Smart TV, you can sit 31 inches(2 ft. 7 inches) away before you start to notice pixelation in the image. This whole calculation can be easily remembered with a factor of 2:1, just double the screen size for a comfortable, perfect TV watching distance.
  • The formula changes a bit when you consider a 4K UHD TV. Because 4K UHD TVs have impeccable, ultraHD resolutions, the ideal viewing distance is between 1 to 1.5 times the screen size of the TV. So if you have a 127cm(50 inches) 4K TV, it should be placed somewhere between 50-75 inches for a comfortable viewing experience.

Ultimately, you should take your own comfort into account too while choosing the perfect TV viewing distance. Even with an inflexible formula, it depends on the amount of experimentation you’re willing to do with your TV placement in the room.

For most Indian homes, we recommend our 140cm(55 inches) LED TV, as the screen size is big enough to give you an unforgettable TV watching experience, whilst also accommodating your family’s viewing preferences.

If you’re planning to set up a home-theatre in your house, then our 165cm(65 inches) 4K Smart TV with Uniwall UI is just perfect for you!

Enjoy watching 15,00,000+ hours of content in brilliant picture quality with the mega-sized 4K TV!

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