Tips for buying a Smart LED TV

Buying a Smart LED TV is no longer a fascination left for the technology junkies, and has today become the aspiration of every household.

Almost everyone these days understands the importance of having a Smart TV at home, due to the sheer variety of online content it provides.

Features and Affordability, is a watch-out for consumers all over the globe.

Some buyers also tend to want to go for the highly advanced & picture-perfect 4K range of TVs, but most just stick to the 32 inch Smart LED TVs.

With an insane amount of media gimmicks, technology upgrades & Smart TV specifications going around, it sometimes becomes difficult for new buyers to choose the perfect TV for themselves, and sometimes land up making the wrong decision.

It would be so helpful if a novice TV buyer gets to know about what to look for before investing in a Smart LED TV!

In this article, we bring you the top 6 tips to consider when you’re buying a Smart LED TV!

Read on to know more!

1. Android Version

For a Smart LED TV, whether it’s a 32 inch Smart LED TV, a 40 inch Smart LED TV, or a 65 inch Smart TV, watch out for a TV with upgraded technology and features powered by the latest Android Version. Also another factor to look for is the support provided by the brand owner for providing regular updates, so that you always stay on the top of your Smart TV experience

Although many Smart LED TVs don’t come with the latest Android updates as quickly as smartphones since Smart TV OS integration is a more intricate & time-consuming process. You should still, however, look for an Android version that’s by far the latest among all the other models.

Check out Shinco’s 80cm(32 inches) Smart LED TV with Android 8.0 & Uniwall UI, here.

2. Screen Size

Now, this is a point that is pretty subjective from person to person, & there aren’t any right or wrong answers.

Somebody might prefer an 80cm(32 inches) Smart LED TV, someone else might go for a 102cm(40 inches) Smart LED TV, & somebody else might want to buy a massive 165cm(65 inches) Smart LED TV.

It really just depends on the space you have available in your home or office, & or your specific requirements for the TV keeping in mind the look and feel of the room where you plan to put up your Smart TV.

For a general population, considering an average Indian household, we’d suggest that buyers are better off sticking with 80cm(32 inches) Smart LED TVs & 102cm(40 inches) Smart LED TVs, as they’re the ones most likely to fit perfectly!

3. Picture-Quality

This is a pretty obvious one, but most people tend to overlook this extremely crucial aspect of a TV when they’re out looking for one!

Look for High-resolution picture-technology, & pixel brightening features in the display to enliven your TV watching experience, and would want to make you switch from your smartphone to your Smart TV.

Check out Shinco’s 109cm(43 inches) Smart LED TV, with a Full HD resolution, 1.07 Billion Colours, A+ Grade Panel display, HRDP picture technology to bring every visual to life & 178-degree wide-angle view.

4. Processor, performance & connectivity

What really sets a Smart TV apart from its non-smart counterparts, is its smooth processing & sheer speed. While buying a brand new Smart LED TV, look for one that packs an impressive processor, preferably a quad-core, and RAM of at least 1 GB.

This is necessary since you will inevitably use your smart TV so much more than a regular TV, & with all the huge traffic, without a pretty terrific processor, your TV can easily go bust.

With almost all of us using multiple smart devices at once, connectivity options in a Smart TV are extremely important too.

Look for a Smart LED TV with at least 2 HDMI & 2 USB connectivity ports to facilitate smooth patching experience with all of your other devices as well!

Shinco’s 80cm(32 inches) Smart LED TV, comes with Quad-Core processor, 1 GB RAM & 8 GB ROM to make for an excellent, awe-worthy performance! It also has 3 HDMI + 2 USB ports to connect all of your devices with it for an even better experience!

Check it out here.

5. The User Interface

An intelligent, intuitive User Interface , in the end, is  what sets an actually intelligent Smart TV apart from the rest.

Many Smart TV brands today focus on integrating as many cool features as they can in the Smart TV. However in doing so, they often compromise on the quality of the User Interface & inundate it with multiple apps & features that make it difficult-to-use & understand.

However, Shinco’s HD Smart TVs come with a personalized, custom User Interface, the Uniwall UI, which is bustling over with various content options & is easy-to-use.

Check out Shinco’s 109cm(43 inches) Full HD Smart LED TV with the Uniwall UI. The Uniwall UI has over 15,00,000+ hours of content for users, cloud certified AOSP with official apps like Zee5, ALT Balaji, Hotstar etc., & support for OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc. The intelligent & intuitive Content Discovery Engine & almost endless entertainment options keeps you hooked and let’s you know it is the right decision!

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