Shinco launches budget 43 inch 4K Smart TV with ‘premium features’ in India

4K LED Smart TVs are the newest fad amongst Smart TV enthusiasts these days, & for good reason.

Among all the HD Smart TVs online that are available in various parts of India to satiate the demands of a variety of customers, 4K LED Smart TVs by far, fulfill the largest batch of requirements.

Most TV viewers attest to the fact that brilliant picture-quality, powerful sound output, smooth processing, faster speed, easy-to-use UIs & simple operability are just some of the reasons why they choose 4K LED Smart TVs over regular HD Smart TVs!

For some, the fact that 4K Smart TVs usually cost a fortune doesn’t seem to hinder their excitement to bring home one of these technological messiahs of humanity.

For others, the cost factor may prove to be a deterrent, & they may need to look for more economically viable, low price smart TVs instead.

However, there is good news for such budget-mindful TV buyers out there!

Shinco has launched its brand new 109cm(43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with Android 9 just for you!

This latest 4K Ultra HD Smart TV from the proud Make-In-India brand Shinco is a cost-effective Smart TV, specifically designed to give the fiscally responsible users a premium, enriching & innovative TV watching experience with the latest, coolest tech updates, all of which is conceptualised, designed and manufactured, in India!

The brand new 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is the latest in a series of technologically advanced updates, which the indigenous TV maker has brought to the Indian electronics industry.

With an unbelievable price of just INR 22999/-, this newest TV is surely a treat to users all around the country looking to buy a 4K HD Smart TV with the latest specifications at pocket friendly prices.

If you’re already floored reading the price of this newly launched 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Android 9, wait till you see it’s cool, cutting-edge specifications & technology updates!

Below, we give you a detailed analysis of each of the advanced features, this latest 4K Ultra HD Smart TV which Shinco brings to the table!

Read on to know more.

4K Ultra HD Smart TV with ultra-slim bezel

Almost every TV buyer knows how unflattering a massive, heavy bezel TV looks on an otherwise sleek and smart-looking TV.

Even if we put the style aspect of heavy bezels aside, they are also not big on comfort & convenience. The heavier the bezel, the more space & manpower it requires to be set up properly. And oh, it also means that you wouldn’t be able to set a TV with a heavy bezel in just about any place you want, as the size of the bezel pretty much restricts the number of places you can put the TV.

However, Shinco has put an end to this dilemma by making its latest 109cm(43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV super-slim with a stylish, slimmer-than-ever bezel that looks stunning & fits just about anywhere you want it to!

4K HDR10 picture-detailing technology

Shinco’s 4K Ultra HD Smart TV range is known for its brilliant Quantum Luminit & HDR10 pixel enhancing technology. This latest 4K Ultra HD Smart TV takes it a step further by bolstering its already brilliant picture-technology with an even more refined, detailed & immersive visual approach.

The newest TV features the 4K HDR10 technology that enhances the quality of every pixel, thus processing every image to make it look more realistic, bright & vivid on your screen!

With increased depth, sharper detailing & brighter-than-ever visuals, the latest 109cm(43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV strives to take your TV watching experience to an all-time high!

dbx-tv technology

Brace yourself for the sound of the century! The latest 109cm(43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV comes with the dbx-tv audio-enhancement sound technology that produces a TV sound so good, you won’t ever need an external soundbar!

Its psycho-acoustic algorithm takes care to fill the entire room with every possible frequency of the sound. While the AI controls in the technology update, ensure to keep the volume level of anything playing on the TV at an intelligently determined average to give you the best TV watching experience accompanied with just the right bass and vibrant sound!

Android 9.0 with 2 GB RAM & 16 GB ROM

This brand new 109cm(43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV by Shinco gets better & better with every update! This extremely affordable Smart TV comes with Android 9 , pretty much the latest in the Smart TV segment.

With the latest Android version, you can easily download from the wide array of the newest and updated certified applications embedded in your Shinco Smart TV or  from the Android store, & get support for any applications your previous Smart TV version might not have!

Along with the truly cool OS update, the newest 4K Ultra HD Smart TV also comes with an improved A-55 Quad-Core processor for astonishing speed with 2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM for a mind-blowing performance!

You can now literally have double the fun, in much less!

Uniwall UI with free Movie Box subscription & automatic OTA updates

If you thought the newest launch couldn’t get any more interesting, you are about to be even more surprised, in a good way!

The latest 109cm(43 inches) 4K UHD Smart TV also comes with Shinco’s very own, easy-to-use entertainment aggregator, the Uniwall UI!

The UI lets users access over 15,00,000+ hours of content with almost all of their favourite TV shows, 7000+Movies in 16 languages across all genres, live sports channels, live news & documentary channels on a single platform.

With cloud TV certified AOSP and official apps like Zee5, ALT Balaji, Disney+Hotstar etc., & support for major OTT streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube etc., the Uniwall UI fills your cup of entertainment up to the brim!

The UI also comes with automatic Over-The-Air update feature that helps your Smart TV stay brand new, every day!

All the more reasons for you to get excited about the newest launch!

Cumulatively considered, Shinco’s latest 109cm(43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is the latest innovation from an Indian Company, which has been tirelessly working for over 36 years to provide its customer cutting-edge, premium technology at the most economically feasible prices!

Check out the newest TV here,

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