Shinco 32 inches Smart TV with Certified apps

Smart TVs have become the norm these days. With the COVID-19 pandemic having locked people inside their homes for extended periods of time, people have no other option but to look towards TVs for entertainment & picking up old hobbies.

Smart TVs have really saved the day here. With internet-integration features & support for OTT streaming apps, Smart TVs have provided the bulk of entertainment for people stuck inside their homes for about a few months now.

For those who didn’t have a Smart TV in their homes up until now, this lockdown has surely taught them the importance of having one with them in case the lockdown is extended or returns.

Smart TVs offer the entertainment value of a smartphone, albeit on a much bigger screen!

They also come with a slew of interesting features like E-Share that allows users to cast their phone screens on their Smart TVs, Android support, cutting-edge gaming technology, powerful processors, adept sound output, & brilliant picture-resolutions, in addition to the larger screen size of course.

The first question in your mind, after reading all this, will naturally be concerning the price of these Smart TVs.

Here is the best part!

Although the features just described warranting a high price & usually put a strain on your pockets, it isn’t necessarily the case.

Many TV makers, including indigenous ones like Shinco & Daiwa, have launched super-affordable, amazing & brilliant smart TVs that are just loaded with features!

They come with the latest technology & fulfil all international recommendations & regulations required for a Smart TV, aside from providing a complete, immersive TV watching experience to its users.

Since they’re also extremely affordable, they let everyone enjoy the wonders & joys of a Smart TV, at much less the price!

Shinco, in particular, has been a revolutionary presence in the LED TVs & Smart LED TVs segment since its launch in late 2018.

The indigenous TV maker, owned by the well-known television manufacturing company Videotex Co., takes the top spot on the affordable LED TVs & Smart LED TVs list.

Its products include HD-Ready LED TVs, HD Smart & Non-Smart LED TVs, FHD Smart LED TVs, & 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs.

In the Smart LED TVs segment, Shinco’s 32 -inches Smart LED TV with HD picture quality & Uniwall UI along with Android 8.0 is the most successful LED TV of the entire range!

The HD Smart LED TV, named Shinco SO328AS 80cm (32) HD Smart with UNIWALL LED TV, comes with a variety of state-of-the-art features that make it such a mass favourite among people looking for a low-budget 32-inch HD Smart LED TV.

We’ll take a look at these features one by one in the article below! Read on to know if the 32-inch Smart LED TV with Uniwall UI by Shinco is the right one for you or not!

  • HD Screen Resolution: Let’s start off this segment by describing the amazing screen resolution of the Shinco TV. IT comes with an HD resolution of 1366×768 for crystal-clear, brilliant picture quality.
    The HD screen resolution gives clear space & depth to each pixel in the image, thus making for an immersive TV watching experience.
  • A+ Grade Panel: A+ Grade Panel display helps viewers watch every visual in enhanced, better colour options than regular LCD or HD Ready LED TVs. The Achromatic grade panel is unanimously considered the best panel in LED TVs & offers viewers total visual clarity in this 32-inch Smart LED TV by Shinco.
  • 20 W Surround Sound: A good sound output is absolutely essential for a complete, immersive TV watching experience. We all know the frustration of watching our favourite TV shows or movies with a botched sound.

Shinco’s 32 inch Smart LED TV makes sure viewers have an ultimate TV watching experience with a powerful 20 W Surround Sound output, that helps viewers watch the movie/TV show as well as hear every single move!

  • Android 8: Shinco’s 32 inch LED TV with WiFi also comes with Android 8 to give you a smart, out-of-the-league performance & smart TV features to keep you updated with the world & the latest in the technology world! Android 8 lets you install the latest apps & supports the most recent software upgrades & application updates to give you a complete Smart LED TV experience!
  • Quad-Core Processor: Powerful Quad Core processor gives you the freedom to do more with your Smart TV, run multiple apps at the same time without burdening the system & play high definition games with ease & smoothness!
  • Uniwall UI: This 32 inch Smart LED TV by Shinco comes with Shinco’s very own Uniwall UI, a simple, easy-to-operate User Interface that offers cloud TV certified AOSP with official apps, the most popular OTT content streaming apps, 7000+ free movies in over 15 languages without a subscription, free live news, automatic Over-The-Air firmware updates & multiple other entertainment features!

Uniwall UI in this 32 -inches LED TV with WiFi also supports Content Discovery Engine(CDE) that lets users find their favourite TV shows or movies with just a word from the title!
You’d think with all of these features, this 32 inch Smart LED TV from Shinco must cost you a significant amount. This is the best part, as this is just the perfect TV for you to buy if you’re looking for a 32 inch LED TV under 10000/-!

Yes, this 32 inch Smart LED TV from Shino costs just INR 8999/-!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead & buy it now! Click here to buy it!

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