Everything You Need to Know About Shinco Smart LED TV After Sales Service

Shinco is a proudly known for its highly efficient, durable, & top-of-the-class quality products at affordable prices.

Ever since it , it has created a sort of affordable technological revolution among the masses. Not that there weren’t affordable LED TVs before it,Many leading technology gurus & gadget freaks have raved about the brilliance of their products, & the affordability factor for the middle class working consumer.

In today’s times, when all one can think about is to switch on the TV & escape with their favourite shows/movies/sports channels from everyday reality, Shinco offers users just the escape with economically priced Smart LED TVs.

Their range includes HD Ready LED TVs, HD Smart LED TVs, Full HD Smart LED TVs, & 4K UHD Smart LED TVs, each of the products from every category priced at highly competitive prices.

With the festive season just around the corner, many people are thinking about buying Smart LED TVs for their homes or offices. As many online shoppers are already aware, the festive season also comes with an ample amount of sales & skyrocketing discounts.

Festive season sales are a great place for customers looking to buy brand new Smart LED TVs at never-before discounted prices.

Aside from a great range of Smart LED TVs, Shinco also offers its customers a host of efficient & timely after sale services, including free shipping, installation & demo, Pan India service centers, 100% secure EMI options, & efficient customer support & query resolution through their app.

If you’re thinking of buying a brand new smart TV 32 inch with WiFi, or a 49 inch 4K TV, & other LED & Smart LED TV range, Shinco is the perfect brand for you!

With sales coming up left & right in the festive season, this is just the right time for you to bring home a Shinco Smart TV, & enjoy its amazing & efficient after sale services.

In this blog, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of their after sale services, & just what you can expect once you buy a new Smart LED TV from Shinco.

1. Free Shipping

This is just one of the many things that form a major bone of contention for customers shopping for stuff online.

Especially with electronics, this is a major issue as people often don’t want to pay extra money for shipping, when they have already shelled out a huge amount for buying the Smart TV in the first place. Hence, free shipping is definitely an important part of an after-sale experience.

With Shinco, each time a customer orders a brand new Smart LED TV online, our backend team provides free shipping without any extra charges.

The guaranteed free shipping aspect of Shinco’s after-sale services definitely help make a good case in the indigenous brand’s favour, thus prompting more & more customers to buy from it this festive season!

2. Free Installation & Demos

We have all had that sore experience of ordering an electronics item online, & then paying extra for the installation team to hook it up & make it work.

This is a conundrum known all too well to anybody that regularly orders electronics stuff online, & is especially a problem statement for TV buyers.

Since online shopping lacks the crucial aspect of physically testing out the TV for any shortcomings or flaws in working, hence, free installations & demos should ideally be a non-negotiable part of the online Smart TV shopping process.

Shinco provides its customers with absolutely free installations & product demos anytime a customer orders a Smart TV online, so that they can know exactly what is in store for them.

Our tech experts give them a proper tour of the product they have ordered, thus making them understand their purchase well enough.

Free Installations & Demos make up another part of Shinco’s after sale services, thus making it the brand of their choice when it comes to buying Smart TVs online.

3. 800+ Service centers & quick support through the Shinco app

Shinco’s wide network of 800+ Service centers ensures that each of their customer queries & troubles is addressed in a timely, efficient manner by trained tech experts.

With our service centers spread throughout the country providing efficient assistance & troubleshooting, they aim to instill heightened confidence & assurance amongst their customers.

This wide distribution of service networks is just another bonus point of Shinco’s after sale services, & just one of the many reasons why you should absolutely buy your next Smart TV from Shinco!

Users can also download our Shinco app from Google Play store, & avail efficient after-sale services through it.

Through our Shinco app, users can easily track their request’s current service status, request our team for installation & repairs in just a few seconds.

They also get to chat live with our customer success executives, who are always ready to provide efficient, quick services to our customers.

Once your service request gets approved through our Shinco app, our technicians will arrive at your home to install, or repair the TV, instead of you having to make the trip to our service centres!

4. Easy, secure EMI options

Shinco offers easy, 100% secure EMI options for those opting for EMIs to buy their Smart TVs. Users can avail No Cost EMI for 3 months from Amazon if they buy Shinco Smart TV during sales, & otherwise as well.

Buying electronics on EMI is quite a well-known & popular theme amongst young, newly employed adults, however, with various electronics brands making things difficult by roping in too many parties in between, this option seemed a little murky to the average consumer.

With Shinco however, there is absolutely no interference from any middle parties on either the consumer or the brand’s end, therefore making the entire process much more reliable, transparent, & easy for the buyer.

Easy, 100% secure, & flexible EMI options are just another aspect of Shinco’s after sale services, & make an important point in the list of reasons as to why you should definitely consider buying Shinco Smart TVs for your home this festive season.

Check out Shinco’s range of Smart HD, HD Ready, Smart Full HD, & 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs, here.

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